Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Kaveri by Vaishnav Shravan


Why would a 20year person wan to spend her time looking after old people? Well, Kaveri is one such girl. She is homeschooled by Sahasra. Her mother does not let her out of the house. But Kaveri had read about Mother Teresa and wanted to be like her. She says it taught her empathy.

But Padmaja influences her mother. Tells her Kaveri will get out of her hand if allowed to go out of the house. Kaveri is affected by the emotions that she has for her mother. This book touched me a lot. How someone so young sees her destiny in social work instead of some other carrier.

When the time came for her to learn about social work she knew this was her destiny. Her father took authority of her well being. Despite her mother not liking the fact that she leaves home. Her father encourages her. Kaveri though not happy that her mother is devastated by this goes to an NGO for learning work.

This NGO changed her life. The NGO provided free food to the poor. She came to see the terrible face of society. She decides to help the old people. An understanding was the need of the hour. She did just that. Old people for whom she cared told her what they needed.

This book will inspire you. If a 20-year-old can do what she does why cant you. I recommend this book to you all.

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