Monday, 16 September 2019

Educated By Tara Westover

The setting of the novel is rural Idaho in the mounation.this is a memoir of Tara. Having been home schooled She knew little of the outside. She and her father have conflicts almost on every topic. Tara joins a dance class. But her father is not too happy about this.

Tyler her elder brother defies his father and goes to college. Slowly Tara also starts thinking in this direction encouraged by tyler. She buys books and works hard to learn maths knowing very well that her father will not approve of this.

Tara father didn't believe in hospitals. Her mother made tinctures at home and that was the remedy for everything. The father used to say there are two angels working here who won't let you get hurt. When tara gets tonsillitis she is told to keep her mouth open early morning outside and the sun will cure it.

Tara has another brother who physical attacks her. When Tara goes to college she is again shocked. Mary her roommate goes grocery on Sunday. Sunday is Sabbath and no one does work on Sunday. Also, she fails her exams. Vanessa her friend helps her and she starts getting good grades.

The writing style is simple.  You will like the details in the novels. 

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