Sunday, 25 August 2019

Here,There and Everywhere Best Loved Stories by Sudha Murty

Everyone knows Sudha Murty. She does not need an introduction. Her books can be called books for life since you can read her books at any point in your life. 

In this book, Sudha Murty mentions her two new experiences. One she mentions how she started writing novels and the other  true meaning of philanthrophy. She talks about how she and her sibblings who were four in number, but there was love and not rivalry between them This is important in today's world since these days there is a lot of rivalry between siblings especially where the money is concered.

As far as her writing goes she says writing is about perseverance. She writes about other peoples experience so that others dont make the same mistake. Then there is a story about how she started social work. One day her daughter said to her and I quote "amma what is your duty"? That one question got her thinking.

 Then there is a story about the fact that honesty does not belong to poor or rich. When Sudha was small her grandparents used to give the better rice to the poor people. Sudha asked why do they do that. Her grandmother answered that you should give the best to people because that is how truly you serve god This stayed in the mind of 

If you thought that in India most vegetables are indigenous think again. There is a story to show you otherwise. Clothes dont define people . This is shown in the story cattle class. Then there is a story about how one should be happy in life and not be a pessimist. This was taught to sudha's friend by a beggar.

There ate many things that we know about. But we should read books like this to remind ourselves about small things in life and what should matter in life.             

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