Tuesday, 9 July 2019

The leader In You by Dale Carnegie

To survive in the 21 st century the world will have to undergo a profound cultural change. There are a lot of books on this. Then what is different about this book? The difference is that examples from real life are given.

One such example is this. Suppose some people are smoking under the no smoking sign in a factory. What would you do? Scold them. This is what you should do. You should go up to them and talk like nothing has happened. They will realize their mistake and stop smoking.

You should motivate people by naming things after them. You should praise people and even ask for their opinion even if they are from the shop floor.

Dale says you can make more friends by just being interested  Lynn Povich worked for Newsweek and got promoted as a senior editor. Only one person was not happy. But Lynn did not bother about this. He spent time with writers and talked to each one of them. The person in question later told Lynn that he thought Lynn did not have the experience to be a senor section head. But seeing him work it was clear that he was the right choice.

One should respect the dignity of others. This was shown by F .D. Roosevelt. When a mechanic came to deliver his car he took notice of every single detail about the car. After some time he told the mechanic "I've been keeping the Federal Reserve Board waiting for 30 minutes. I guess I had better get to work".

All the examples are time tested and can be used anywhere. I know this book will be useful for many people

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