Monday, 15 July 2019

A Place Called Here by Cocelia Ahren

This book is about missing People. At the central story is Sandy Shortt. She runs a missing person agency. Jack Brother Donal was missing.

Jack decides to hire Sandy. But While going to meet Jack Sandy herself disappears. Sandy lands up at a place where all the missing person are there.  She learns the stories of these people one by one.
The book starts well but somewhere along the way the story gets boring.

I somehow could not relate to this book. It keeps going from where all missing people are to the present. But there is imaginationalso.
Some might relate to the story of sandy. Maybe the part about having problems. She also has a counsellor which many students don't have.

The character story is a bit difficult to understand. Thought the concept of the story is fresh. On ascale 1 to 5 i would give it 2.5 In case you want to read it ,read with an open mind .

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