Friday, 21 June 2019

The tumour by John Grisham

Imagine if the doctors told you had a tumour in your brain. You would be worried sick and would go from doctor to doctor to seek answers. Also, you would consider looking into the net. But John Grisham has published research on this.

The research is about focused on ultrasound which is one of the treatments for tumour. At the starting of the book we see  Paul has a tumour . He can't concentrate and has  headaches,. He collapse while while shaving .

Life goes down life for John and Karen his wife. Surgery has to be done to remove the tumour  Based on MRI surgery is suggested. There is weakness after the surgery.

In Paul it possible that the tumour will return. In the end Paul dies . Grisham says if he had been 1990 this story would have been different . The focused ultrasound would have saved his life.

Fouced ultrasound is a non-invasive therapeutic ground breaking   technology .It can decrease the amount needed for medical care . a lot more information is done on this . Ggisham it seems has done a lot of research on this. Foucused ultrasound foundation has done a lot of reseach on this .

 Towards the end of the book his research is give . This book is useful for any one with tumour.

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