Friday, 28 June 2019

The highwyman man a by J Alchem

J Alchem is involved in writing short writeup. This book has three stories. Catherine is about Sieum Will . Sieum will  is an author who is in love with a fictional heroine Catherine. He wakes in the middle of the night and calls for her . The author who is a doctor gets a call by his father to treat him .

One solution is to go to a place that is devoid of Catherine. Another is to keep away from his novel series which has Catherine as the main character. What will work no one knows. Sieum will have to try both out.

In the second story Rohan is heart broken after the death of his wife Sunania He has a six year old son Aryan . Both are sad until one day they meet a total stranger. They met him and somehow Aryan is happy with the stranger. What happens next is truly amazing.

The third story is undelivered letters . Aron and Sara are shifting houses. While cleaning the attic Sara sees an abandoned bag. She realizes it is Aron's bag when he was a postman. In it are nine letters that he should have delivered 20 years back. Thus Aron goes on a quest to look for the people for whom the letters were meant for.

All the three stories are page turners

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