Thursday, 28 March 2019

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

“Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck is the kind of book that fills you with hope, makes it stay for a while and then reveals the true nature of men and the world we live in.

George and Lennie are two itinerant ranch hands who arrive in California's Salinas Valley during the Great Depression, after being run off from their last assignment up north. Lennie possesses great physical strength but has the intellectual capacity of a child. George is the more calculating of the pair, but even he gets caught up in Lennie's dreams of owning a farm.

The book is great because, not only the great use of description but the characters because Steinbeck shows how children are, in some cases, better people than adults in the way that they do not judge people because they do not see people or things from that point of view.

Another great thing about  is that it shows some of the other characters' feelings about the situations they are being put in and shows how Steinbeck feels about racism and sexism. Yet another good thing about this book is that it is not long and does not drag on (like other great books as The Great Gatsby and To Kill A Mockingbird) which is great for readers who do not like to read long books and get bored when reading long books.

Of Mice and Men is justifiably considered a classic of American literature: a short, direct meditation on friendship, loneliness, and unfulfilled dreams in trying times. Its plot and prose are straightforward and unadorned, but the impact of the final chapters is unforgettable. Lennie and George are iconic characters, and Steinbeck's presentation of their interactions with the hands at the Salinas ranch is pitch-perfect.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

The Room On The Roof By Ruskin Bond

The Room on The Roof is the first novel by Ruskin Bond . It is about an orphaned boy named Rusty.  He is very lonely and sad . Mr John Harrison is Rusty's guardian who has ruthless ways and strict rules .

Even though Rusty is half-Indian, John doesn’t let Rusty near the bazaar for a reason: John thinks that Indians are very dirty and this story is written just after the British had ruled over India, so he must have felt more superior!

Due to this Rusty decides to break free.So he goes to nearby market and makes many friends and starts living there.He discovers life is not that easy and he has to face a number of challenges that are waiting for him. Rusty finds Somi who supports him a lot.

Slowly, from a confused boy, Rusty turns into a confident and independent young man. He gets a job teaching English to a boy named Kishen, in return for a tiny room on the roof and food. He finds a loving and fun family.

Ruskin Bond also remarkably shows in the novel, how some strangers can become part and parcel of one’s life by showing a little tenderness and warmth. Rusty, the protagonist in the novel underwent same state and made some friends for lifetime. The novel is the winner of John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize and is certainly a pleasure to read.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Gun island by Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh, a house hold name is all set to release his new book Gun Island  in June in 2019. The story revolves around Deen Sutta, who is a dealer in rare books and is used to a quiet life. But circumstances lead him to change his beliefs and he sets on an unusual journey. He travels from India to Los Angeles to Venice and on this journey, he meets new people, some of who change his life significantly. Spanning across space and time, the novel is about change and hope, and how a man's faith in the universe is restored by two women.

There is Piya, a fellow Bengali-American who sets his journey in motion; Tipu, an entrepreneurial young man who opens Deen's eyes to the realities of growing up in today's world; Rafi, with his desperate attempt to help someone in need; and Cinta, an old friend who provides the missing link in the story they are all a part of. It is a journey which will upend everything he thought he knew about himself, about the Bengali legends of his childhood and about the world around him.

Gun Island is a beautifully realised novel which effortlessly spans space and time. It is the story of a world on the brink, of increasing displacement and unstoppable transition. But it is also a story of hope, of a man whose faith in the world and the future is restored by two remarkable women.

Gun Island will be Ghosh's ninth novel. His last fictional work was Flood of Fire, the third book in The Ibis Trilogy, which was published in 2015; while his last non-fiction book titled The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable was published in 2016.