Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The joys of Vegetarian Cooking byTarla Dalal

Tarla Dalal is a name famous with the vegetarian . She has many varieties of  vegetarian books .  The book is divided into11 parts.

Drinks at a party light up a party. There is a ginger ale fuzz .You just need ice cream and orange squash. To make this drink will  take a few seconds. There is fruit cup drink which is a light colourful drink.

Cocktail Snacks are the next section. Do sun kababs sound yummy, It only takes 15 mts to make them. Cheesy puffs will be a  hit with your friends. It just needs grated cooking cheese. Four to five  more recipes are given.

In winter soup will  provide warmth . Ever heard of fruit and nut soup. Well there is such a thing. The quick corn soup is for unexpected guests since it takes only 5 minutes to make this. There is the milanaise soup which is the vegetarian version of an italian soup. It has tulsi leaves in it.

Then is a salad section. Next come the Indian dishes .  If you enjoy coconut sauce there are couple of mouth-watering dishes. There is paneer makhana korma which can be made when you are short of vegetables.Then there is the corn spiced with coriander ,green chillis and tomato sauce.

In the rice section there is the rice and curry in a banana leaf . If you like a balanced meal there is the baked khichadi. Does baked green rice with spinach pakodas sound intersting. Well try it out if it does.

There is the table top cookery section which has flambe , Foundue among other recipes .There is a white sauce and Thousand island dressing Recipe.

The pictures will make your mouth water.This 200 delicious recipes book is a must for any home

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