Thursday, 17 January 2019

The shadow lines by Amtiv Ghosh

The novel focuses on two families one English and one Bengali known to each other since the time of the Raj. The narrator describes his school days,  by visits with Tridib .It also describes  Tridib's fate in the city of Dhaka during the summer of Bangladesh's Partition, in 1964 and the effects there after.

The Calcutta where the narrator grew up in the early 1960s comes alive from a boy's point of view. Then there is the boy's  cousin IIa , a girl of his own age who comes to Calcutta in between her father's UN postings to exotic cities like Bangkok, Madrid and Cairo.

 There is also humour in it.The grandmother, about to visit her childhood home in Dhaka many years after Partition, can only think of her journey as "coming". Her grandson teases her for not knowing the difference between coming and going.

 The story is written beautifully. Events of Dhaka affect both the families.When you read the book you too can relate withn the emotions in the book. One can feel the book. One can read the book several times.

The  book has 262 pages and is 90 rs.


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