Monday, 7 January 2019

My best book The man eater of Malgudi by R K Narayan

The story is set in a village. Natraj is a printer. Vasu, 

a taxidermist moves into the village. He hires the attic 

above Natraj house. The man-eater in the novel is no 

tiger, it is  Vasu who  kills a number of 
wild animals.

Natraj constant companions are a poet who is engaged in 

writing the life of God Krishna, and Mr. Sen a journalist.

Nataraj tolerates him in his room upstairs till he makes 

himself unbearable by robbing Mempi forest of its wild 

life and collecting dead animals in his room for stuffing 


 Vasu threats life of a temple elephant that Natara  has 

befriended. The complications ensue that are both laughable 

and tragic. This village is near  Mempi hills which is 

calm and peaceful.

Vasu is a bully, and is once compared to a Rakshasa ,a 

demon . As the story continues, 

Vasu encroaches on Nataraj's life, every now and then 

bullies away his friends, his customers, shoots someone's 

pet dog and many other animals and birds near the 

dwelling place, poaches wildlife from Mempi hills.  

The book has around 250 pages and makes an good read.

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