Saturday, 15 December 2018

the best of chinese cooking Hamlyn

This book has recipes from all over china.There are Cantonese and southern Chinese techniques which are involved. Here the dish has a sauce.The cooking of shanghai is spicier .They have chillies or tabasco in it.

Also earthenware pots are used. Dishes are made for the chinese new year .Some dim sum recipes are given . If you are not too familiar with chinese cooking .You can start with basic recipes section .
There is a chicken stock vegetable broth and fishballs.

The juices of lamb and beef bring water to the mouth. There is a lamb  stew , It has ginger and garlic which would be good in winter . For beef lovers there is Beef and mushroom Casserole or the sliced Beef with Satay sauce.

For the vegetarians there is a whole section of recipes. There is the crispy vegetarian roll. The diced mushroom with walnuts recipe sounds yummy with both clove and gralic to add to the flavour.  Many more recipes are give.

There are more than 30 recipes related to rice and noddles . It has both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. A unique dish is cold noodles with assorted meat. Recipes of macaroni are also there.

For people with a sweet tooth there is a sweet dishes section. It has exotic names like crystal date jam spirals. But the reciple is simple.

There are colourful photos given . After looking at the photos you will surely want to try a few. recipes.

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