Monday, 24 December 2018

Finding Arun by Marisha Pink

The book is about finding one's true identity'. Aaron"s mother dies. She is his adopted mother. While going through her things he finds a letter from his birth mother. Thus beings a tale of deception and betral for Aaron by his adopted mother.

Aaron had gone for volunteer work when his mother died, He still feels sorry about. India is the land of his birth. Thus he goes about finding his birth mother who stays in Puri (Eastern India). Puri is the home of Ratha Yatra, or the Festival of Chariots, when statues of the gods Jagannath  are paraded annually on vast chariots. It is found that his adopted mother has kept a dark secret. from him. The book describes exactly how india is. With all the traffic and people crowding at the railway station.

The author has excellent writing skills. The descriptions are fabulous . The culture and customs of India are given. You will get truly immersed in the exotic life of India, a world full of colors and depth.

The book is not boring like how self-discovery books tend to be. Good narration and clear style makes an inspiring read. This was her debut novel. This book is worth reading.

I was happy to get this book for free online.  

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