Monday, 10 December 2018

Despite odds :Tales of choices by Rita Chhablan

These tales of choices are centred around certain women as they face their everyday lives. Kimudini Sapru has fought all alone to become a dancer. Some woman comes and tells her to go and see a doctor. Kimudin doesnot understand this . She goes to a doctor and finds she has brain tumour. How she handles it is amazing.

Kamala is a servant of ratna . Kamala husand beats her. Ratna husband has another woman . Shackled by traditions and customs imposed by society, it is intriguing to watch what life altering decisions they will make.

In another story a girl finds out that both her parents were banished from their village. She goes to their viiage to convince the grand parents to forgive them . This story is really touching.   

These stories show women issue that have been affecting woman for a longtime . These stories are touching to the heart. All these woman are victories despite all odds. 

In one story Vinay and Nisha are travelling in Himachal Pradesh ,  Nisha is scared as she looks out into bleak darkness. It is rainning.They see a person who says to help a pregnant  lady. Little do they know he is a ghost.This story is my favourite.

If you like women's stories these will intrigue you.

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