Friday, 9 November 2018

soups and salads by Tarla Dalal

The words soups and salads sound very bland. But this not the case with this book. Salads  are no longer " grass" food. You can innovate and put a wide variety of ingredients.Salads today are improtant to our healthy . They can be made good looking and tasty . The same thing goes for the salads.

The ingredients for salads have to be fresh. Also make sure their nutrient value is preserved.

For salads one has to know how to use the leaves. The iceberg leaves have to be placed in ice cold water for 25 mintues. The vegetables and fruits  have to be drained well.You have to know which vegetable take how long to cook. Like baby corn will take two minutes to cook . French beans takes longer to cook .

There is a winter vegetable soup. Warm soups are better in winter. There is a winter vegetable soup.It has carrots , potatoes and cauliflower in it .This soup can serve six people Also there is cheese in it.

The recipe of Healthy tomato soup sounds yummy. tomatoes can be found anywhere .Add moong dal, corn flour and cream and your soup is ready

Coming to salads.Salads too sound delious . There is a japanese salad which has cream dressing in it.It has lecute leaves ,orange segmemnts and cucumber. It is garnished with red cherries. that sounds delilous does it not ?

T hen there is the salad nicoise.This is a french salad, It has french beans  capsicum and red radish. This is served cold.

Recipes have photos. All things used in the book are easily avaible in the market.  

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