Wednesday, 31 October 2018

We : A manifesto for woman everywhere

THE BOOK EVERY WOMAN NEEDS!!! It makes you take a hard look at yourself and changes what you see! Change comes from within. This book has nine principles to follow . It has exerices that will help you. 

After reading this book you will want to change yourself. There are nine principles given that can you use and lead a good life.

The first one is honesty. There is one person we lie on a regular basis. And that is ourselves. The authors gives a lot of examples from their lives. Change comes from within.

The second is acceptance. If you accept the sitution you can deal with it better. It is a journey that should not be taken alone.Invite your "sisters" along for the ride! This book is a life changer and I am telling every woman I know that they NEED this book!

The third is courage. An exampleof a action is given and affirmation. Forth is trust ..Fith is Humility . We are at the mercy of our ego.All of us worry about aboul social status,our success and what we dont have .Your thoughts alone can change how you feel.

Sixth is peace . It means ending the conflict within. We have to detach frrom our thoughts so as to find peace . Meditation is the best method for this.

Seventh is love. We dont have to look for love, it is there.We have to know how to gain access to it .Eight is Joy.  We can have joy if  our needs of the soul are taken care of. Keep one day free from wordly engagement like phones ipod etras .

Ninth is kindness . 

There's a lot of good, deep, interesting material in this book. But I'd like it to be shorter.  

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