Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Rashmi Uday Singh Chicken cook book

This book gives lot of useful information about chicken and chicken recipes. It starts with how to buy chicken ,bonning process etc. Preparation techniques are given like plucking and singeing. A very good chapter on Nutrient value is given. There are many things that regular eaters of chicken dont know. So it would be good to read them.

Next the recipes follow.. They are divided into Terrific tandoori ,Hassle free cooking Celebrity secrets and lots more.

My all-time favourite is hassle free cooking .The reason being that you don't have to do anything much.There is a chicken Sage Chicken recipe. You just need sage leaves olive oil, black pepper and of course chicken. Then there is vodak chicken balls with mint sauce. Just the name sounds tempting.There is also the Indiana salad for health conscious people

The party pieces is another section.There is sultani shorba which ont only sounds exotic but is tatsty ,Kabab are also given .

At the end of the book there is glossary of ingredients. In it are given names of indian ingredients which you might not know. Herbs and spices names are also translated in English. Oven temperatures are also given.

Photos of dishes are given. The photos will bring water to your mouth. So go ahead and try one of the dishes.

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