Tuesday, 2 October 2018

How to write a book from outline to finish line by Shelly Hitz

Ever wonder how great authors write books. If you have an outline of ideas about the book it becomes easy to write a book. Shelly in this book goes step by step from  start till the end on how to write an outline of the book . Although this book is for writing non fiction books the methods are good for writing fiction books also.

In all there are ten ways to actual have an outline of your books. Before writing any book it is important that you put your ideas about a book in some outline so that you know which idea comes first, second and so forth. The first is to use a whiteboard .You can write all your ideas on this . Use different color markers. The advantage with a whiteboard is that you can use erase the ideas and re write new ideas.

The second is mind mapping and sticky notes Many people still don't like to use a software like free mind so use sticky notes.You can take gaint sticky note and put in on the wall. Then put each idea on each smaller sticky notes. Then organise these sticky notes into chapters. In the book each ten point is explained in detail . So the book is useful for someone who does not know anything about writing an outline for a book.

The fourth point is using Evernote. It is something like a to do list. The fifth tool is called trello.The sixth tool is Scrivener. In this you have to start  making folders. One folder is one chapter . If you have to reorganize your work is done only by dragging and dropping the notes on the corkboard screen.

The seven option is paper and pen. You just write your ideas in the book.You can have a dedicated notebook for your ideas. The eight option is power point slides. This is good for speakers who already have a speech they want to turn into a book.Many of you will be knowing how to use these.

Option nine is blog posts . If you have blog posts on your book topic those can be used.The last is  to use your podcast episodes.This the latest in technology. It will be easier to look for topics on your books here.

After this you can actually write your book. 3 ways to do this are : one write in chunks of time two speak your book three hire a ghostwriter.There are so many options to choose from . choose the one
 that best suits you and use it.All the best for your book. I have many such books to post about. Let me know if you need something like this. My email is ruchitamathur11@gmail.com

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