Wednesday, 31 October 2018

We : A manifesto for woman everywhere

THE BOOK EVERY WOMAN NEEDS!!! It makes you take a hard look at yourself and changes what you see! Change comes from within. This book has nine principles to follow . It has exerices that will help you. 

After reading this book you will want to change yourself. There are nine principles given that can you use and lead a good life.

The first one is honesty. There is one person we lie on a regular basis. And that is ourselves. The authors gives a lot of examples from their lives. Change comes from within.

The second is acceptance. If you accept the sitution you can deal with it better. It is a journey that should not be taken alone.Invite your "sisters" along for the ride! This book is a life changer and I am telling every woman I know that they NEED this book!

The third is courage. An exampleof a action is given and affirmation. Forth is trust ..Fith is Humility . We are at the mercy of our ego.All of us worry about aboul social status,our success and what we dont have .Your thoughts alone can change how you feel.

Sixth is peace . It means ending the conflict within. We have to detach frrom our thoughts so as to find peace . Meditation is the best method for this.

Seventh is love. We dont have to look for love, it is there.We have to know how to gain access to it .Eight is Joy.  We can have joy if  our needs of the soul are taken care of. Keep one day free from wordly engagement like phones ipod etras .

Ninth is kindness . 

There's a lot of good, deep, interesting material in this book. But I'd like it to be shorter.  

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The handmaid"s Tail by Margaret Atwood

It is set in a near-future New England, in a totalitarian state resembling a theonomy, which has overthrown the United States government. The novel is set in the heart of Gilead.It follows the story of a handmaid who lives with the commander and his wife. Her name is Offred .She is  fertile and is excepted to bear children for them.

Before Offred the handmaid hadLuke her husband and a doughter. Slowly she losses her job . She has been fired .When she is with the commander she remembers her daughter.She has to take vitamins so that she reains healty.

Mazagines were banned but the commander gives some to offred. Women are the property of men and subordinate to their husband, father, or head of household. They are not allowed to do anything that would grant them any power independent of this system. They are not allowed to vote, hold a job, read, possess money. The politics of the time are given.

The government of gilead does not believe in religion but power.The people donot go to church.  Male sexuality is taken to extremes and there are scenes in relation to that.

I found the book a tale of terror as far as women are concered . But the tv serial is doing well

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Rashmi Uday Singh Chicken cook book

This book gives lot of useful information about chicken and chicken recipes. It starts with how to buy chicken ,bonning process etc. Preparation techniques are given like plucking and singeing. A very good chapter on Nutrient value is given. There are many things that regular eaters of chicken dont know. So it would be good to read them.

Next the recipes follow.. They are divided into Terrific tandoori ,Hassle free cooking Celebrity secrets and lots more.

My all-time favourite is hassle free cooking .The reason being that you don't have to do anything much.There is a chicken Sage Chicken recipe. You just need sage leaves olive oil, black pepper and of course chicken. Then there is vodak chicken balls with mint sauce. Just the name sounds tempting.There is also the Indiana salad for health conscious people

The party pieces is another section.There is sultani shorba which ont only sounds exotic but is tatsty ,Kabab are also given .

At the end of the book there is glossary of ingredients. In it are given names of indian ingredients which you might not know. Herbs and spices names are also translated in English. Oven temperatures are also given.

Photos of dishes are given. The photos will bring water to your mouth. So go ahead and try one of the dishes.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

A Thousand Suns By Dominique Lapierre

From the author of city of joy comes another best seller. Dominique a journalist has travelled around the four corners of the earth. In this book, he has given his wonderful adventures.

one such story he talks about bull fighting . El Cordoles is a bullfighter who rose to fame and fortune because of bull fighting .Due to television he rose to fame as his events were telecast live. It takes real courage when you are standing face to face with the bull. His body was covered with scars. It is amazing to read about this person.

Another story is about a condemned men on the death roll. This story is touching and you tend to sympathize with the man as waits hoping that the governer will hear his plea and change the death sentence . But he is executed for somebody else's crimes,

In another story Dominique interviews with Ehud Avriel, who helped Jews to escape Hitler's infernos to get to the Holy Land, and gathered together arms to help the fledgling State of Israel survive. He also recounts his interviews with Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was instrumental in negotiating the independence of India and it's partition into the two states of India and Pakistan. These events form part of the background to Freedom at Midnight.

Most touching is Lapierre's recounting of work in Calcutta, which the author was involved in with Indian leper and other orphan children. Lapierre donates half of his royalties to the foundation set up to save these children. His book the city of joy will bring tears to your eyes which is based on the above.

I enjoyed reading each of the stories and i am sure you will too.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

How to write a book from outline to finish line by Shelly Hitz

Ever wonder how great authors write books. If you have an outline of ideas about the book it becomes easy to write a book. Shelly in this book goes step by step from  start till the end on how to write an outline of the book . Although this book is for writing non fiction books the methods are good for writing fiction books also.

In all there are ten ways to actual have an outline of your books. Before writing any book it is important that you put your ideas about a book in some outline so that you know which idea comes first, second and so forth. The first is to use a whiteboard .You can write all your ideas on this . Use different color markers. The advantage with a whiteboard is that you can use erase the ideas and re write new ideas.

The second is mind mapping and sticky notes Many people still don't like to use a software like free mind so use sticky notes.You can take gaint sticky note and put in on the wall. Then put each idea on each smaller sticky notes. Then organise these sticky notes into chapters. In the book each ten point is explained in detail . So the book is useful for someone who does not know anything about writing an outline for a book.

The fourth point is using Evernote. It is something like a to do list. The fifth tool is called trello.The sixth tool is Scrivener. In this you have to start  making folders. One folder is one chapter . If you have to reorganize your work is done only by dragging and dropping the notes on the corkboard screen.

The seven option is paper and pen. You just write your ideas in the book.You can have a dedicated notebook for your ideas. The eight option is power point slides. This is good for speakers who already have a speech they want to turn into a book.Many of you will be knowing how to use these.

Option nine is blog posts . If you have blog posts on your book topic those can be used.The last is  to use your podcast episodes.This the latest in technology. It will be easier to look for topics on your books here.

After this you can actually write your book. 3 ways to do this are : one write in chunks of time two speak your book three hire a ghostwriter.There are so many options to choose from . choose the one
 that best suits you and use it.All the best for your book. I have many such books to post about. Let me know if you need something like this. My email is