Monday, 3 September 2018

The Magic Inner strength by Renuka Agrawal

This book belives in that you alone change your life. It is 100% your change your life Only 1% of people are successful and the other 99%  are average.Why is that the case ?They were 100% responsible for themselves. They made their own decision.Two things must happen : you have to know your limitations and take responsibility for your action.

This can happen only if you are solution focused not problem should believe in one's capability.Do not think you re failure otherwise you won't achieve anything.Take advice but follow your heart. our image is programmed by someone else. Since childhood  our parents might tell us tell us that we are not clever.We will believe that and try not to improve ourselves

Steven Hawkins when he was in a wheelchair He didn't believe he was useless . He even wrote books like a timeless history . His thinking was not limited just because he was wheelchair.

We should think of our valves Think about why you want to do something and then you will know your goals.Some people want power so their life is driven by that. Never give up easily. Their lies the weakness.Thomas Edison failed 10,000 but he said one more try.You should have a burning desire to do something .If you fell in a race you will get up. You will run faster than before.

Don't let failure let you down. Use it as a learning experience  Try and give priority to what you should be doing . After failing in say a exam try to see if you didn't spend enough time in studying. Then do what you had not done before

This book gives good examlpe  that you can relate to .  I would say take the examples in a serious manner. You will succedd if you do what the book says. So go ahead and buy the book.

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