Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The call of the wild : Life of dogs Story of Buck by John Griffith

This is a touching story of Buck, a dog who is taken away from the comforts of his master house to a life of  discomfort. Buck stays with a judge who pampers him. A servant kidnaps and sells him to someone in Alaska. There is a gold rush there. The mode of transport is dog sledges. Thus Buck has to learn to adapt in this climate with other dogs.

Camps are set up near the site. From the camp dogs are taken to the site.

Dogs are in captive here .There is competition between dogs for food. Whips are used here on dogs. Buck develops to all this was rapid. His muscles became as strong as iron. He learnt to take up duties of leadership among the other dogs. Buck also saw   a fight betwween Dave and Solleks . One of them had to be put down because of the injury.

Buck by now knows that mercy does not exist in this kind of life. It was kill or be killed eat or be eaten. Buck was  also heroic in saving the life of his owner Thornton. Life in Alaska was hard but B uck learnt to adapt to it.

Later in the book Buck hears a wolf. It is the wild calling him. He goes to the wolf but later comes back to the camp. He begins to sleep out at night  He kills a large black bear. It seemed he was a killer now.He came to the camp and went to the wild when he wanted. Will Buck go to the wild or remain at camp ?What happens in the end ? Well, you will have to read the book to find out.

I liked the style of writing. You can see the wild side of buck. Even though i am not a dog lover i liked the book


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