Monday, 17 September 2018

Problems of Today Solutions For Tomorrow

Today  pollution, Natural calamities, and terrorism are just a few of the problems facing mankind. The human race has a social responsibility towards correcting this otherwise we have to pay a heavy price .This books deals with that .

We need the collective efforts of citizens towards this. Excessive use of  energy has to be avoided. Depletion of natural resources has to be stopped.Education plays an important role in this. It is not enough to have a degree. We have to understand the deeper meaning of everything we have learnt.

One can live comfortably in rural areas. Here we will have fields and less of technology . We have to  learn " simple living and high thinking" . We should work hard and the problems will be less.

There should be helpful co-existence and love among humans. One should not believe in self interests.If we help each other and try to remove the problem together mankind will benefit. We should have decentralized administration that will work.

Coperation, empathy and generosity should be there . WE all should see inside our inner self  and ask what we are doing is correct or not.

 This book has 48 pages. One can understand the simple language . After reading this book you will have a different view about this topic.

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