Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The call of the wild : Life of dogs Story of Buck by John Griffith

This is a touching story of Buck, a dog who is taken away from the comforts of his master house to a life of  discomfort. Buck stays with a judge who pampers him. A servant kidnaps and sells him to someone in Alaska. There is a gold rush there. The mode of transport is dog sledges. Thus Buck has to learn to adapt in this climate with other dogs.

Camps are set up near the site. From the camp dogs are taken to the site.

Dogs are in captive here .There is competition between dogs for food. Whips are used here on dogs. Buck develops to all this was rapid. His muscles became as strong as iron. He learnt to take up duties of leadership among the other dogs. Buck also saw   a fight betwween Dave and Solleks . One of them had to be put down because of the injury.

Buck by now knows that mercy does not exist in this kind of life. It was kill or be killed eat or be eaten. Buck was  also heroic in saving the life of his owner Thornton. Life in Alaska was hard but B uck learnt to adapt to it.

Later in the book Buck hears a wolf. It is the wild calling him. He goes to the wolf but later comes back to the camp. He begins to sleep out at night  He kills a large black bear. It seemed he was a killer now.He came to the camp and went to the wild when he wanted. Will Buck go to the wild or remain at camp ?What happens in the end ? Well, you will have to read the book to find out.

I liked the style of writing. You can see the wild side of buck. Even though i am not a dog lover i liked the book


Monday, 17 September 2018

Problems of Today Solutions For Tomorrow

Today  pollution, Natural calamities, and terrorism are just a few of the problems facing mankind. The human race has a social responsibility towards correcting this otherwise we have to pay a heavy price .This books deals with that .

We need the collective efforts of citizens towards this. Excessive use of  energy has to be avoided. Depletion of natural resources has to be stopped.Education plays an important role in this. It is not enough to have a degree. We have to understand the deeper meaning of everything we have learnt.

One can live comfortably in rural areas. Here we will have fields and less of technology . We have to  learn " simple living and high thinking" . We should work hard and the problems will be less.

There should be helpful co-existence and love among humans. One should not believe in self interests.If we help each other and try to remove the problem together mankind will benefit. We should have decentralized administration that will work.

Coperation, empathy and generosity should be there . WE all should see inside our inner self  and ask what we are doing is correct or not.

 This book has 48 pages. One can understand the simple language . After reading this book you will have a different view about this topic.

Monday, 10 September 2018

The grass is always greener by jeffery Archer

This book starts with a person who sleeps under a bank. As people come into the bank to work it is clear that no one is happy with his position at the bank. Everyone thinks that the other person is better off. Like in a real world no one is satisfied with what they have .

So we can relate to the novel . Roger Paker who is  head of personal has had a affair with his secretary. She is pregnant  and he is thinkig what to do since his reputation is at stake. Roger Paker  is told to look at the McKinsey report. It seems a few departments will have to downsize themselves .

 Characters are how they would be in a real world. It is about survial of the fittest. Everone wants to be one step up the ladder. But they dont realize that there is pressure at all levels. The story could have been made longer. 

Something more should have been told about the characters.Jeffery is good with short stories and this one is no different . Though i wish the ending could have been better. Overall the book is good to read.

Monday, 3 September 2018

The Magic Inner strength by Renuka Agrawal

This book belives in that you alone change your life. It is 100% your change your life Only 1% of people are successful and the other 99%  are average.Why is that the case ?They were 100% responsible for themselves. They made their own decision.Two things must happen : you have to know your limitations and take responsibility for your action.

This can happen only if you are solution focused not problem should believe in one's capability.Do not think you re failure otherwise you won't achieve anything.Take advice but follow your heart. our image is programmed by someone else. Since childhood  our parents might tell us tell us that we are not clever.We will believe that and try not to improve ourselves

Steven Hawkins when he was in a wheelchair He didn't believe he was useless . He even wrote books like a timeless history . His thinking was not limited just because he was wheelchair.

We should think of our valves Think about why you want to do something and then you will know your goals.Some people want power so their life is driven by that. Never give up easily. Their lies the weakness.Thomas Edison failed 10,000 but he said one more try.You should have a burning desire to do something .If you fell in a race you will get up. You will run faster than before.

Don't let failure let you down. Use it as a learning experience  Try and give priority to what you should be doing . After failing in say a exam try to see if you didn't spend enough time in studying. Then do what you had not done before

This book gives good examlpe  that you can relate to .  I would say take the examples in a serious manner. You will succedd if you do what the book says. So go ahead and buy the book.