Saturday, 18 August 2018

UFO by Robert S Weave

Since time immortal humans have been fascinated by aliens. In ancient times, there were aliens spotting, There have been Conspiracy theories regarding the aliens.

This book tries to give evidence about alien existence. In the 15th century, there was a painting of Madonna with saint Giovannio known as alien painting.There is a ufo above the head of madonna. Also cave painting depicts similar things.

Frank Drake who was an astronomer had an equation which could calculate the existence of aliens.He focused on the number of life supporting planets and how many of them are able to sustain life forms. Becaucse of it , it was thought that there are hundreds of  planets that exist and that communication can be picked up from planets.

Hoover an scientist says he found an alien bug fossil in a meteorite.He did tests on this . It was found that the fossil was not from earth.The fossil lacked nitrogen. Sciencitest say life exist on four planets marsTitan ( saturn's largest moon) Enceladus(also one of saturn's moon )Europa ( moon of  Jupiter).

Elon Musk has a company SpaceX. It is a space transport company . It has launched vehicles in space. Some success , some not so succesful . Due to this Space X has been the target of many conspiracies.  There was one incident involving United Launch Alliance and space X. ULA is a competing corporation and it seems one failure of the launch of Space X it was thought that may be ULA is inovled.

Again due to the fascination of aliens by humans many movies have been made. Close encounters of the third kind or Avatar are some of the movies . Even if you do not believe in aliens this book would make an good  read 

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