Monday, 27 August 2018

It's all a matter of attitue: slogans to live your life by by Justin Herald

Justin Herald writes on improving life and developing oneself.These books have positive slogans . You should read this book even when every thing is going well.

You should challenge yourself every morning. You should not make excuses for who you are.Dont  blame others for who you are .Expect your short comings and try to do something about it. In lifeyou struggle for a long time. A lot of hard work has to be put so be prepared for it.

Keep positive things around you. Even small positive things matter. Some people just complain about everything. If you have success they will curse their luck .So you will not want to associate with them you might become like them. You yourself can change your desitny,.

In life we fail many times. What is important that we get up.Learn from the past and move on. Don't keep on thinking about it and waste your time.

Many people don't start things like a business if it cannot guarantee success. Chances are you are wrong in thinking like that . Think positive and start . Success is in your hands.You have to decide if your glass is half full or half empty. Just think it as a glass and decide if you want to fill it or not.

Many people think they won't be successful and don't even try.Don't make up your mind until you try .Dont let your mind decide your result.  The last slogan says live life well.We all try to achieve something in life. Do try to enjoy simple things in life .Try to see what is good around you.

This book is great in that it teaches you how to live life to the fullest . It not only helped me but also showed me how to overcome failure .

Saturday, 18 August 2018

UFO by Robert S Weave

Since time immortal humans have been fascinated by aliens. In ancient times, there were aliens spotting, There have been Conspiracy theories regarding the aliens.

This book tries to give evidence about alien existence. In the 15th century, there was a painting of Madonna with saint Giovannio known as alien painting.There is a ufo above the head of madonna. Also cave painting depicts similar things.

Frank Drake who was an astronomer had an equation which could calculate the existence of aliens.He focused on the number of life supporting planets and how many of them are able to sustain life forms. Becaucse of it , it was thought that there are hundreds of  planets that exist and that communication can be picked up from planets.

Hoover an scientist says he found an alien bug fossil in a meteorite.He did tests on this . It was found that the fossil was not from earth.The fossil lacked nitrogen. Sciencitest say life exist on four planets marsTitan ( saturn's largest moon) Enceladus(also one of saturn's moon )Europa ( moon of  Jupiter).

Elon Musk has a company SpaceX. It is a space transport company . It has launched vehicles in space. Some success , some not so succesful . Due to this Space X has been the target of many conspiracies.  There was one incident involving United Launch Alliance and space X. ULA is a competing corporation and it seems one failure of the launch of Space X it was thought that may be ULA is inovled.

Again due to the fascination of aliens by humans many movies have been made. Close encounters of the third kind or Avatar are some of the movies . Even if you do not believe in aliens this book would make an good  read 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Life Know how by Viswanatha Reddy Thalakola

This book is mainly targeted at young adults (20 – 35 years), but can also be used by people of all ages. It is divided into 6 main topics i.e. solving problems, managing interpersonal relationships, dealing with work, coping with negative things, fulfilling aspirations and handling other important matters. Under the main topics there are several sub topics. 
The first chapter in the book highlights important life problems. The author advices one to accept that you have a problem and then put your best efforts to resolve it. Also, it is okay to take help of other people in solving some of your problems. Solutions that are given for life problems are simple and anyone can understand.

The chapter on handling friends provides great information. We make friends throughout life and I felt that this is the most important chapter in the book. You should treat your friends the way you want to be treated by them.

The chapter on handling people explains that there are so many countries in this world. In each country they have their own culture. People live according to local customs. When dealing with anyone we have to take this into account. If we do this, a lot misunderstanding can be avoided.

The chapter on dealing with work advices that you should have a career in an industry that you like to work. If this is not done, later on in life you will feel as if work is a burden.

There is a great chapter on time management with excellent tips for managing your time.
The book has 12 chapters on coping with negative things like addiction, anger, conflict, depression, mistakes, failures, rejection, unhappiness, etc. All of them have excellent advice on how to manage these negative aspects of life. I think this is another highlight of this book.
The book has well written chapters with advice on handling body and mind, goals, personal development as well. Finally, there are chapters that provide information on dealing with criticism, making important decisions, handling money, etc.

It seems the most important aspects of life are covered. You can use this book as a good reference. This is what I like about this book. I recommend this to all my friends.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Habit makes perfect by Sandeep Sharma

How does one lead a busy life and yet stay fit . This book gives the routine of Barack Obama, Steve Jobs,m ,j Tony Robbins and the like .

Both Obama and Richard Branson wake up early. Waking early means you can give time to yourself . Obama goes to the gym and Branson does some exercise. Branson does yoga for mental well being It would be a good idea if you have a workout buddy. Things like exercise done with somebody is always better than doing alone. That way you will be motived. After the gym Obama spends time with his family . This is important because he will be busy after that.

Steve Jobs used to  start his day by giving himself a motivational speech. Every morning he would go over his work and see how far he has achieved his goals. He says ask yourself if today would be the last day of my life what would i do.

Oprah Winfrey meditates in the morning. This is a good way to destress yourself  and to manage a hectic life. She also drinks green tea . She puts spinach, apple, celery and cucumbers in a blender and has that. She eats a healthy meal of carbohydrates, fiber and protein.Oprah's routine  is linked to her spiritual way of  life.

Maya Angelou, a writer also gets up early in the morning.Elon Musk an entrepreneurs gets up, early runs on the treadmill and has a simple breakfast .

It seems all important people get up early, do exerice of some sort and have healthy eating habits. Even if you donot follow this have a routine and stick to . There are routine of  12 people in the book.