Sunday, 22 July 2018

Unhurried tales by ruskin bond

Ruskin bond is my all time favourite  story writer. He stays in Mussoire. His stories reflect nature at its best.

Time stops at shamli is the first story. Here a person on the train sees that no one is getting on or off at Shamli station. He decides to go into town . There is a hotel with Mrs Deeds staying there. She is always complaining. The Garderns'dog is missing. and he belives that the leopard has taken it. The author says he is looking for an imaginary person Major Roberts.

Second story is set in Pipalnagar . There is an 18-year old writer who lives alone in a room . He meets a boy called suraj. Suraj has fits. One of their friends gives idea about how to earn. He says carry a banner for a political party that will be having a rally.They don't like the idea and think of other means to earn their live hood.They find their own way about how to earn their living

Third story is about the last tiger. All the tigers have been killed and one is remaining. The  setting is on the banks of Gangas.When you read this story you will see the jungle come alive in front of you .There is a fight among a mongoose and a rat . The villagers say call tiger uncle or maharaja. The tiger is shot. As he lays wounded he sees a tigress. He has not seen one in years. At the end we are left to wander whether he dies or he mates with tigrees.

Another story is about an angry river. There is a flood in the village.A small girl stays with her grandparents. The grandmother is sick and has to be taken to hospital . Girl is left alone . She talks to her doll . There is a boy there who looks like Krishan.

The short stories have excellent description, You will see the story unfold in front of your eyes.    

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