Friday, 13 July 2018

the little prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery

This book is liked by both children and adult. It has things like the snake has a dialogue with a little boy .That might not be realistic to some people. In this novel a little prince leaves his home to discover the world .

As a child the author says he used to draw Bao constrictions but it looked like a hat. The little prince has come from the asteroid known as B-612 . He discovers around seven planets. The first one has a king in it .Second one has a tippler.He says he is ashamed of drinking.Because of this the little price finds the grown men as odd.

The author has drawn many drawings . That is one of the reasons .children enjoy the book.The book has deeper meaning. People are always in a hurry and donot have time to see the things that are important.People tend to become less creative and imaginative as they grow into adulthood. Most adults are preoccupied.

One should read the book three times.As a child , young adult and full grown adult.The book has been transleted from french.It was written during a period when the author fled to North America subsequent to the Fall of France during the Second World War. The author had witnessed this  first hand  and written in his memoir Flight to Arras. 

The author was a french aviator. His other book is wind, sand and stars. 

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