Saturday, 28 July 2018

My life by A. P J. Abdul Kamal

This book starts by saying "I have wings ,i will fly . fly and fly. Dr kamal was born in Rameswaram Which was near the sea.Once childhood has lot of impact on kids. Kamal's teacher taught him about flight dynamics. He read a lot of books like Thomas Hardy,Leo tolstoy and Walter Scott.In his life time many authors sent him their books to see what he thought about their books.

When studying at M.IT.he says he had great teachers . They made him hardworking. dedicated and precise in his thinking.His dream was to work for the Indian Air force  . But he didnot get selected for this. Flying like the birds was his dream.He developed a hoovercraft for the air force called Nandi.

Dr Kamal's next milestone was being selected to the Indian Committee of Space research.He worked as a rocket engineer. It was the most exciting work of mylife says Kamal Developing Indian Technogoly will help a long way in making India self-sufficient as far as technology was concerned. Dr kamal worked towards this goal.

Thus a project on developing SLV was started.  .He still thought of his father and mother.They were dead but he still remembred the values taught by them.He earned both Padma Bushan and Bharta Ratna. He played a pivot role in launch of Agni and privti missles.

He was surprised when the P.M .called him. He was asked to take the post of President. He liked teaching . But he thought if i became president i could make people hear about his developed indian vision.

All this could be achived by having a discipled life style.He began his with a morning walk.The morning was quite and it gave kalam time to think.He had time to reflect on all the projects related to missles.

 Also there are skteches that he has drawn to help understand what he is saying. He ends the book by words of wisedom to the young mind . He says have aim in life, get knowledge to achieve those aimswork towards the goal and many more useful things to make your life a success.People from all walks of life should read this book. 

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Unhurried tales by ruskin bond

Ruskin bond is my all time favourite  story writer. He stays in Mussoire. His stories reflect nature at its best.

Time stops at shamli is the first story. Here a person on the train sees that no one is getting on or off at Shamli station. He decides to go into town . There is a hotel with Mrs Deeds staying there. She is always complaining. The Garderns'dog is missing. and he belives that the leopard has taken it. The author says he is looking for an imaginary person Major Roberts.

Second story is set in Pipalnagar . There is an 18-year old writer who lives alone in a room . He meets a boy called suraj. Suraj has fits. One of their friends gives idea about how to earn. He says carry a banner for a political party that will be having a rally.They don't like the idea and think of other means to earn their live hood.They find their own way about how to earn their living

Third story is about the last tiger. All the tigers have been killed and one is remaining. The  setting is on the banks of Gangas.When you read this story you will see the jungle come alive in front of you .There is a fight among a mongoose and a rat . The villagers say call tiger uncle or maharaja. The tiger is shot. As he lays wounded he sees a tigress. He has not seen one in years. At the end we are left to wander whether he dies or he mates with tigrees.

Another story is about an angry river. There is a flood in the village.A small girl stays with her grandparents. The grandmother is sick and has to be taken to hospital . Girl is left alone . She talks to her doll . There is a boy there who looks like Krishan.

The short stories have excellent description, You will see the story unfold in front of your eyes.    

Friday, 13 July 2018

the little prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery

This book is liked by both children and adult. It has things like the snake has a dialogue with a little boy .That might not be realistic to some people. In this novel a little prince leaves his home to discover the world .

As a child the author says he used to draw Bao constrictions but it looked like a hat. The little prince has come from the asteroid known as B-612 . He discovers around seven planets. The first one has a king in it .Second one has a tippler.He says he is ashamed of drinking.Because of this the little price finds the grown men as odd.

The author has drawn many drawings . That is one of the reasons .children enjoy the book.The book has deeper meaning. People are always in a hurry and donot have time to see the things that are important.People tend to become less creative and imaginative as they grow into adulthood. Most adults are preoccupied.

One should read the book three times.As a child , young adult and full grown adult.The book has been transleted from french.It was written during a period when the author fled to North America subsequent to the Fall of France during the Second World War. The author had witnessed this  first hand  and written in his memoir Flight to Arras. 

The author was a french aviator. His other book is wind, sand and stars. 

Friday, 6 July 2018

let us write a short story by Joe Bunting

Joe Bunting is an authority on writing, He himself has written many books. Since he wanted to help other writers write he started the write practice website . This book is for anyone who wants to or is already into writing.

The book is divided into many phases . One is about actually writing . Then there is the part about editing and submitting your work to magazines.

If you want to write short stories you have to understand why you want to write short stories.He says short stories are event driven not character driven. Short stories do not have subplots.

There are five elements that short stories have .First one is given as action. This means what the characters are doing .Second is dialogue. The third is the description .Here it means that the five senses are at work. Seeing ,hearing touch ,taste and smell.

The fourth is Inner monologue. What the Character is thinking should be given. The narrative is the last one. This means that is there anything more the author would like us to know about the character.

Bunting also says you need to write both small and long sentences. One has to be specific so that the reader understand the story. How to conquer writer's block is also given. One way is to write your worst sentences.

In in the editing section it is given how to edit when you don't have time .One is to replace weak verbs .Next is to remove adverbs Take out the other weark words is the next thing .If you are using some that means you are not being specific.

In the last section the book talks about how to submit your stories to a magazine.therare two appendix given at the end .they give names of mazigines to which one can submit to.

This book is a must read for anone wanting to write. The write practice mentionred in the book has helped me a lot.The book has 108 pages