Thursday, 28 June 2018

Think Straight by Darius Foroux

All of us think but this book is about how to think in a correct manner.When we improve the way we think nothing is impossible.One should read this book with an open mind. The author was about to change his house and go to a new place. One day before, the new landlady calls and says she cannot give him the place. He losses sleep over this. This made the author rethink about the thinking process .

One should not adopt the notion that all is lost.We have to become aware of what we are thinking.If you do that you can analyze your thought. You should think only those things that you can control. You can control Desires,actions words and intentions.

Don't make decision on beliefs, logic and sometimes science.Scientists being human beings are also biases. Don't make hasty decisions. The author says he has two types of main thought and i quote. " one Thinking about how you can solve the problem and two understanding knowledge. " It is difficult to explain all this in a book review so one needs to read the book.

One whole chapter is based on be yourself  and not what you should be You are the  only one who knows your strengths, values, skills and desires. Also dont look back for  what has happened in the past for too long. You should always look  at the present.

There are times you must not think at all. All this sounds confusing but it it is not. If you read the book carefully you will find it useful. Also you should not hold on to things like say old things that people have given you. Instead you should say wear your old clothes so that you remember the good old times like in your college.

There is only one thing for doing this and that is to have inner calm.If you can have calm mind you will be able to think in a clear and systematic manner.

I liked the book because it is 92 pages. Despite being small everything is explained

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