Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Berlin Airlift by Robert Jackson

After the ending of world war 2 Germany was divided into four areas of occupation. America, Russia, England and France.But America wanted to control central administration. Berlin was the beleaguered city.But Russia had other plans.

Americans wanted to take charge of Berlin Centre administration. on 2 May 1945  the Russian occupation of Berlin became complete. All road and rail links between the city and the West were severed by the Soviets.There was black market everywhere.

Russian and French zones were self-supporting but not the British and American. Eastern part of Germany were under the soviets that had been the German granary.  Calories needed for survival are 2300 but people were not getting even 2300. Both Royal airforce and the Americans were involved in the air lift.

There were 3 operations.Operation Vittle plainfare and knicker. C-54 and B 29 aircraft were used. Sorties were flown even under bad weather conditions. Also the family of such pilots were not accommodated Accidents happened a lot at night. They were constantly harassed by Russian fighters and 54 aircrew gave their lives — something Berliners have never forgotten.

As the winter began to set in it became clear that the German population would have to be air lifted.There was electricity storage. Children were undernourished.

The book  has appendices of aircraft and crew casualties, lists of monthly tonnages and tables of some of the remarkable individual aircraft performances. Robert Jackson is a prolific author of military and aviation history.

The book has been written from operational view and many people might not like it. But still it gives a correct picture of went on in those days.

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