Saturday, 19 May 2018

Till the old man dies by Janet Dawson

Dr Timothy's good friend has been murdered. He has  nightmares about it. Dr Lito Manibusan is the person who is killed.He is a professor at cal university. Timothy asks his daughter Jeri Howard a private eye to look into the murder of Dr Lito.

Dres Cruz comes after 3 to 4 months saying she is the widow of the dead man.Meanwhile  Dr Timothy house has been broken into. Lito had posted an envelope to Timothy but he does not remember where he has kept. Nephew of Lito, Alejandro Tonga had come to claim the body of his uncle.

Meanwhile Jeri finds that Lito had gone to Phillippines and was involved in politics .  Jeri finds out that Lito had gone to  Philippines to research about the Japanese invasion of Phillippines.Someone tries to push Timothy down while he is at the university . Eveyone thinks Cruz killed Lito but she too is murdered . The body is discovered by Jeri.

BothJeri and Alejandro seem to be falling in love . 

Suddenly it seems that the investigation has taken an international turn . There is a lot of interesting background information on the Philippines.There is a lot of corrupt politics involved. Also there is a lot of cultural history of the area.This book is an interesting crime novel and you will keep on guessing the murderer.

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