Thursday, 3 May 2018

Steve jobs 50 life and business lessons by George ilian

Apple worldwide revenue totalled $ 182 and at the end of 2014. Apple became the first American company ever to be valued at more than $700 billion. It was due to steve jobs . So what is it that made the company into such a big company. This novel is how Steve jobs made the company big due to his hard work.

Although there are 50 lessons there are five important ones. First one is work with best people in the business.One person alone cannot develop a company. It is important to delegate responsibility to others.Once you delegate then you can concentrate on developing bigger plans

Second you have to be a step ahead of the competition. One needs to have new ideas keeping in mind what the customer wants. Also research and development are important .

Third Belief in what you are doing. If you cannot convince yourself about what you are doing how will convience others. Also if  you are not interested in the project nothing will come out of your efforts.

Fourth it is ok to be wrong.This  doesnot mean you have failed.People learn only through mistakes. Steve got fired from his own company. He looked at where he went wrong and learnt from his mistakes.

If you want to see the world change you have to change .Steve knew that if  you need to develop products and set higher standards for the industry then you have to develop products yourself . In this way there would be competition and more products would be developed and consumers would benefit.This is the fifth lesson.

This  book will help even if you donot have a business. Further it has interviews and case studies that can help people. Everyone should make it a point to read this book.

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