Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Get organized without losing it by Janet S Fox

Every wondered how to organize your stuff in school.This book does exactly that. One way is to have planners for things to do. You might forget  something but planners don't . You can have a Monthly view Weekly View and two page per view planning

These days kids have heavy backpacks. How to manage them is an art. What to put in which pocket should also be known.This section will also get adults interested.

One should sort the trash and put things where they belong. Everthing should be neat and tidy so that you find things.Some websites have planner templates that you can downland,  take a printout and start using right away . There are monthly, weekly and two day planner . Adults can also use this. 

Have a homework folder . Leave it on top of table . Try to check it first thing in the morning.That way you will know what each day brings . Planning is the key word . Plan to manage your time . Also make a checklist .

Further you need to have a regular home work place in the house. If you do homework at one place in the house all your things will be there. Other wise you will waste time looking for things.Also make sure you have the right kind of chair.

There is also a whole section on memory tips and tricks .At the end of the book there are many more books that can help you get organized.Although this books is for children there are parts that will help adults get organized. 

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