Thursday, 31 May 2018

How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie

Worry these days have become  part and parcel of our life. We worry about reaching office on time. Or not meeting a deadline at work. The end result : Falling ill. In this book Dale talks about  understanding worry and solving the problem.

This book is divided into eight parts. Understaing any problem helps a long way in solving a problem.He talks about living in day tight compartments. Give us this day our daily bread .The prayer is talking about not yesterday bread or tomorrow bread . So live for today and dont think about the future.

Solving worry involves getting the facts ,analyzing the facts and arrivinsg at a decision. This is the second part. The third part is about is how to keep worry out of the mind.It might help if you write your problem  down on a piece of paper.

All the other parts are showing you pratical formulas that you can use today.Dale says cure the mind not the body.One way to not to worry is to do something constructive . You will be busy working and not get time to think about the problem. The things given in this book are known to us but dale is reminding us.

Never have revenge in mind to harm the person who has harmed you. This way you will harm yourself more than the person who has harmed you."Sticks and stone may break my bones but words can never hurt me."

I liked this book because it has a lot of case studies and one can relate to them 

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Till the old man dies by Janet Dawson

Dr Timothy's good friend has been murdered. He has  nightmares about it. Dr Lito Manibusan is the person who is killed.He is a professor at cal university. Timothy asks his daughter Jeri Howard a private eye to look into the murder of Dr Lito.

Dres Cruz comes after 3 to 4 months saying she is the widow of the dead man.Meanwhile  Dr Timothy house has been broken into. Lito had posted an envelope to Timothy but he does not remember where he has kept. Nephew of Lito, Alejandro Tonga had come to claim the body of his uncle.

Meanwhile Jeri finds that Lito had gone to Phillippines and was involved in politics .  Jeri finds out that Lito had gone to  Philippines to research about the Japanese invasion of Phillippines.Someone tries to push Timothy down while he is at the university . Eveyone thinks Cruz killed Lito but she too is murdered . The body is discovered by Jeri.

BothJeri and Alejandro seem to be falling in love . 

Suddenly it seems that the investigation has taken an international turn . There is a lot of interesting background information on the Philippines.There is a lot of corrupt politics involved. Also there is a lot of cultural history of the area.This book is an interesting crime novel and you will keep on guessing the murderer.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Get organized without losing it by Janet S Fox

Every wondered how to organize your stuff in school.This book does exactly that. One way is to have planners for things to do. You might forget  something but planners don't . You can have a Monthly view Weekly View and two page per view planning

These days kids have heavy backpacks. How to manage them is an art. What to put in which pocket should also be known.This section will also get adults interested.

One should sort the trash and put things where they belong. Everthing should be neat and tidy so that you find things.Some websites have planner templates that you can downland,  take a printout and start using right away . There are monthly, weekly and two day planner . Adults can also use this. 

Have a homework folder . Leave it on top of table . Try to check it first thing in the morning.That way you will know what each day brings . Planning is the key word . Plan to manage your time . Also make a checklist .

Further you need to have a regular home work place in the house. If you do homework at one place in the house all your things will be there. Other wise you will waste time looking for things.Also make sure you have the right kind of chair.

There is also a whole section on memory tips and tricks .At the end of the book there are many more books that can help you get organized.Although this books is for children there are parts that will help adults get organized. 

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Steve jobs 50 life and business lessons by George ilian

Apple worldwide revenue totalled $ 182 and at the end of 2014. Apple became the first American company ever to be valued at more than $700 billion. It was due to steve jobs . So what is it that made the company into such a big company. This novel is how Steve jobs made the company big due to his hard work.

Although there are 50 lessons there are five important ones. First one is work with best people in the business.One person alone cannot develop a company. It is important to delegate responsibility to others.Once you delegate then you can concentrate on developing bigger plans

Second you have to be a step ahead of the competition. One needs to have new ideas keeping in mind what the customer wants. Also research and development are important .

Third Belief in what you are doing. If you cannot convince yourself about what you are doing how will convience others. Also if  you are not interested in the project nothing will come out of your efforts.

Fourth it is ok to be wrong.This  doesnot mean you have failed.People learn only through mistakes. Steve got fired from his own company. He looked at where he went wrong and learnt from his mistakes.

If you want to see the world change you have to change .Steve knew that if  you need to develop products and set higher standards for the industry then you have to develop products yourself . In this way there would be competition and more products would be developed and consumers would benefit.This is the fifth lesson.

This  book will help even if you donot have a business. Further it has interviews and case studies that can help people. Everyone should make it a point to read this book.