Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Boken Ones by Sarah A Denzil

This suspense novel is set in Eddington. Sophie a school teacher believes she has a stalker. Someone has been giving her missed calls. She thinks that the person who she has dated once might be behind this. Sophie mother has Alzheimer .

Her mother says there is a shadow in the house and there are bruises on her hand.Sophie searches the whole house but doesnot find any evideence of any breaking and entering. Also she finds a button that is not theirs. Sophie mother is a difficult patient to handle. Could her mother be making up about the shadow.

Sophie begins to wonder if her cruel mother is faking her illness and playing tricks on her.Due to all this in her life she cannot handle her job at school . In the end she decides to find the truth herself. She decides to put recording device in her mother room to see who the shadow is.

But she finds nothing in the device except someone saying "You will know me".To uncover her stalker and other unexplained things Sophie must look into her past, but she might not like what she finds.

This book has a Gripping storyline. It's a real page turner. If you like suspense this is the book.

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