Thursday, 5 April 2018

Everyone has a story by Savi Sharma

I have read many reviews of the story.Some did not like it . Though i too felt some parts were not up to the level i liked the writing style.

This novel has four characters in all. All four characters met in a cafe . Meera the writer is looking for a story.She sits in a cafe hoping that she will be able to write a story by hearing other people's story. Meera is looking for a right story.

During one of the inactive sessions with an author at the cafe she comes across a traveller. She knew she had found her story  :Vivaan .But is she looking for a story or boyfriend it is not clear. But he keeps on disappearing and it is difficult to know his story.He likes to travel.

Then there is Kabir the person who runs the cafe.He is from a poor family and wants to be successful in life. Also, he is in love with Nisha .

Nisha is the fourth person. This book is fast paced but has no real plot. I feel if you read the book without any expectation you would be happy. I did like the writing style. What i did not like about it that the story goes from Meera to Kabir and back to Meera

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