Thursday, 26 April 2018

conquests by Emily Murdoch

This historical novel is about Normans and Anglo Saxon. The Norman have conquered England. They are brutal rulers. Amidst all this is Avis . Since her land is taken away from her Avis has nowhere to go . She becomes a ward of Richard who torments her. King Williams decides that Norman lords must marry Anglo Saxon.

She is to marry Melvllie  Lord of  Copmanthorpe. Melvllie thinks this is just a marriage of convenience and hence hates Avis. Avis hates Melvllie. At the start of the marriage, both of them are seen to have arguments. Avis like to work in the kitchen while Melvllie thinks Avis should not mix with commoners.

Avis is still haunted by  Norman invasion and thus cannot like Melvllie. The battle of words between both of them are interesting and at times hilarious to read. Slowly feelings for each other change.Meanwhile, Melvillie has written to the king to annul their marriage.  Also King William has decided to invade the north.

I liked the book because it is well researched. It shows the culture of both norman and Anglo-Saxon .This book  is a must read even if you are not interested in English history.

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