Thursday, 26 April 2018

conquests by Emily Murdoch

This historical novel is about Normans and Anglo Saxon. The Norman have conquered England. They are brutal rulers. Amidst all this is Avis . Since her land is taken away from her Avis has nowhere to go . She becomes a ward of Richard who torments her. King Williams decides that Norman lords must marry Anglo Saxon.

She is to marry Melvllie  Lord of  Copmanthorpe. Melvllie thinks this is just a marriage of convenience and hence hates Avis. Avis hates Melvllie. At the start of the marriage, both of them are seen to have arguments. Avis like to work in the kitchen while Melvllie thinks Avis should not mix with commoners.

Avis is still haunted by  Norman invasion and thus cannot like Melvllie. The battle of words between both of them are interesting and at times hilarious to read. Slowly feelings for each other change.Meanwhile, Melvillie has written to the king to annul their marriage.  Also King William has decided to invade the north.

I liked the book because it is well researched. It shows the culture of both norman and Anglo-Saxon .This book  is a must read even if you are not interested in English history.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

A question of inhertiace by Elizabeth Edmondson

This novel is set in the sleepy English town of Selchester.The late Lord Selchester is dead and the new earl Gus is to come with his two daughters Polly and Babs . The daughters find the English ways strange and Babs has dreams about ghosts.

Then there is Hugo.He works in a government office. His sister lady sonia who wanted to open a hotel in the castle and   is sad to see Gus arrival. Now she wont be able to build a hotel. Then there is the issue of paintings in the castle attic. It seems they were stolen .

In the middle of all this Oliver is found dead . Oliver works at one of the auction houses and has come to help with the selling of the painting. He has to stay over at the castle since the weather is not good.Could it be that someone had wanted to target Gus since Oliver was not to stay at the castle ?

The police have so many suspects to look into. In the end Hugo tries to solve the murder. Could both the murders be because of the stolen paintings or something else?

The only thing i didnot like is that it had too many characters in it. You wont be able to guess the murderer. But if you like mystery i would recommend this book.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Boken Ones by Sarah A Denzil

This suspense novel is set in Eddington. Sophie a school teacher believes she has a stalker. Someone has been giving her missed calls. She thinks that the person who she has dated once might be behind this. Sophie mother has Alzheimer .

Her mother says there is a shadow in the house and there are bruises on her hand.Sophie searches the whole house but doesnot find any evideence of any breaking and entering. Also she finds a button that is not theirs. Sophie mother is a difficult patient to handle. Could her mother be making up about the shadow.

Sophie begins to wonder if her cruel mother is faking her illness and playing tricks on her.Due to all this in her life she cannot handle her job at school . In the end she decides to find the truth herself. She decides to put recording device in her mother room to see who the shadow is.

But she finds nothing in the device except someone saying "You will know me".To uncover her stalker and other unexplained things Sophie must look into her past, but she might not like what she finds.

This book has a Gripping storyline. It's a real page turner. If you like suspense this is the book.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Everyone has a story by Savi Sharma

I have read many reviews of the story.Some did not like it . Though i too felt some parts were not up to the level i liked the writing style.

This novel has four characters in all. All four characters met in a cafe . Meera the writer is looking for a story.She sits in a cafe hoping that she will be able to write a story by hearing other people's story. Meera is looking for a right story.

During one of the inactive sessions with an author at the cafe she comes across a traveller. She knew she had found her story  :Vivaan .But is she looking for a story or boyfriend it is not clear. But he keeps on disappearing and it is difficult to know his story.He likes to travel.

Then there is Kabir the person who runs the cafe.He is from a poor family and wants to be successful in life. Also, he is in love with Nisha .

Nisha is the fourth person. This book is fast paced but has no real plot. I feel if you read the book without any expectation you would be happy. I did like the writing style. What i did not like about it that the story goes from Meera to Kabir and back to Meera