Tuesday, 6 March 2018

It is not right ....but okay by Anuj Tiwari

The past is not our future.Can this be true? So believes. Arjun. This story is about love with a twist.It is about finding friendship and love again.

Arjun and Anuska are good friends.Angira is Anuska sister.She has been in love and has been betrayed She is looking for true love. Why does this happen to me only? This question keeps haunting Angira.She is depressed She finds ved and falls in love.Does she fall in love because she is 
depressed ?

Anyway the story moves on .Both Angira and ved roam around the streets of mumbai enjoying their newly found friendship. But Ved has a dark past.Unknow to both of them the past is about to haunt ved again.Ved is a footballer..

Here comes the twist.Ved and Arjun are roommates. But ved does not tell Arjun about Angira. Seems complicated though it is not.It seems that Arjun and Anushka are in love .

The story is about Love,Commitment and frienship .All said and done the book makes a good read .

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