Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Cold light of dawn by Graham Ison

The body of a redhead is found on the coast of Brittany.On the surface, it seems like a normal case of drowning.But when Detective Chief Inspector Harry Tipper and his assistant, Charlie Markham, from the french police go to is anything but that.The deceased Penelope Lambert  worked as a  secretary in foreign office.

A diary is also found in the glove compartment of her car. Will this diary help in solving the crime? As the  investigation proceeds it is found that it could be a case of espionage. Penellope is also a stripper and a Lesbian.

Harry decides to surveillance the boss of penellope, Mallory.As plain clothes policemen tail Mallory it seems like a james bond movie. As the investigation deepens the powers of Special Branch, and even MI5, It seems Penellope is having an affair with Mallory. Also, Mallory seems to provide information to someone in South African Embassy.

There is a lot of evidence which has to be gotten through.Also, many people who knew her have something to hide. 

 This is Graham Ison first stunning novel. Writing still is easy though too many suspets leads to a lot of detials . 

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