Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The switch : It is never to late by John Thomas

Fortune favours the brave. At age 26 most people are well settled in their carrier. Then why would keith want to give up a IT job and play professional football. It is very simple. Unless you are doing something you like doing and are passionate about what you like doing will never be satisfied.

Keith has a job in H&G. Maya is his girlfriend. Yet Keith is not happy. He has a boss who overworks him. Maya breaks up with him. It is at this point in his life that his  company sends him to Bangalore for two weeks. This is a life changing experience for him.The manager Ramesh it seems is god sent.

Ramesh says focus on other things in life and not on what you don't like. Also follow your heart and you cannot go wrong. Keith decides to play football since he likes football. All of a sudden his work does not seem to bore him. Also he tries his hand at writing. He starts believing in what Ramesh says.

Though one would think that age 26 one would not be able to make a career change.  But Keith decides to make one in football when at his age most sportspeople are at their peak. This is a story of how determination and following  your heart can help you achieve what you want in life. It will help you change your life.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Cold light of dawn by Graham Ison

The body of a redhead is found on the coast of Brittany.On the surface, it seems like a normal case of drowning.But when Detective Chief Inspector Harry Tipper and his assistant, Charlie Markham, from the french police go to is anything but that.The deceased Penelope Lambert  worked as a  secretary in foreign office.

A diary is also found in the glove compartment of her car. Will this diary help in solving the crime? As the  investigation proceeds it is found that it could be a case of espionage. Penellope is also a stripper and a Lesbian.

Harry decides to surveillance the boss of penellope, Mallory.As plain clothes policemen tail Mallory it seems like a james bond movie. As the investigation deepens the powers of Special Branch, and even MI5, It seems Penellope is having an affair with Mallory. Also, Mallory seems to provide information to someone in South African Embassy.

There is a lot of evidence which has to be gotten through.Also, many people who knew her have something to hide. 

 This is Graham Ison first stunning novel. Writing still is easy though too many suspets leads to a lot of detials . 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Home by Manju Kapoor

This novel is about a typical Indian joint family. Banwari Lal runs a cloth shop in Delhi. The two sons of the family help their father in running the shop while the wives run the household But the wives try to outdo each other in everything.

The sons want the family business to go modern.Selling only sairs they think is the thing of the past. When sushila the younger brother wife gives birth to a son there is bitterness in elder wife Sona.  The bunisseness prop[rs while bitterness and enemity between the two wives continues.

 Banwari's Daughter Sunita to a man of dubious credentials. Even as the family gets richer, Sunita is abused and then, perhaps, murdered by her husband - leaving behind a son, Vicky, to be brought up by the Banwari Lals.

Like  most joint family there is gossip all round the family.But this joint family is about to be broken when Nisha the older brother daughter starts going to college and things take an unexcepted turn.

Both the sons and daughtr-in laws 'Nisha and Vicky  try to live in a cramped house. Thus it is decided to build a new house.Tense betweem the family flare up once again.Will the tensions of the family let the age old traditional of the joint family prevail ? 

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

It is not right ....but okay by Anuj Tiwari

The past is not our future.Can this be true? So believes. Arjun. This story is about love with a twist.It is about finding friendship and love again.

Arjun and Anuska are good friends.Angira is Anuska sister.She has been in love and has been betrayed She is looking for true love. Why does this happen to me only? This question keeps haunting Angira.She is depressed She finds ved and falls in love.Does she fall in love because she is 
depressed ?

Anyway the story moves on .Both Angira and ved roam around the streets of mumbai enjoying their newly found friendship. But Ved has a dark past.Unknow to both of them the past is about to haunt ved again.Ved is a footballer..

Here comes the twist.Ved and Arjun are roommates. But ved does not tell Arjun about Angira. Seems complicated though it is not.It seems that Arjun and Anushka are in love .

The story is about Love,Commitment and frienship .All said and done the book makes a good read .