Saturday, 10 February 2018

Timber by Frankie Love

 The story is set in the mountains. The book is about core values of  a religion. Harper a devoted Christian has had her engagement broken off by her fiancee.In order to forget that she goes to her uncle's cabin. During a storm she ends up at jaxons' door step.

Jax has been called untamed. Harper is attracted to Jax. Since she has her engagement broken off she decides to loose her virginity with jax. Later due to her Christian values she is not sure whether she should have done that . To make matters worst she is pregnant.

She fears what her parents will think since they value their Christian values.jax is not sure whether he wants a family when he finds out that Harper is pregnant. There is conflict of interest since Harper excepts Jax to marry her,It is interesting to read how they sort their differences.

A word of advice .This novel might have language that you might not like to read.The sex between them is gross and readers might not like it.

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