Sunday, 18 February 2018

The fall of the white city by N S wikarski

 Elsa Bauer is found murdered in a hotel .Her brother Franz is arrested thinking to be the murderer.But Evangeline Leclair belives otherwise. Evangeline is a heiress who teaches English to factory workers. Elsa was one of her students.Thus Elsa is interested in finding the killer. Elsa calls her friend Freedie to help her find the real killer.

It is said that chicago of 1890s was a city of robbers and political unrest .It is also a place of german socialists newspaper .Franz works for one such orgnisation and hence is called an anarchist'.Both Evan and Freedie investigate and conclude the suspects as Jacob Sidley an accountant and Evangeline Leclair.

Meanwhile there is a columbian Exposition world fair .It seems that Elsa met a gentlman at the fair. Could he be her killer ? There is also a handkerchief believed to be the killer.Both freedie and Evangeline go as far as the Levee district.

Her amateur detecting draws the attention of someone who would kill to keep his identity a secret. Soon she is racing against time to unmask a murderer before she becomes his next victim! 

 N S tries not to be a literary stylist. He think a writer who’s trying to be clever will throw in bits of stylistic fluff so that a reader will admire the verbiage of the book. That can become distracting.want the reader to focus on my characters and their stories, not on how well I can describe a sunset. If I have a style at all, it would be “cut and dried.”

This book will make a good read . 

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