Saturday, 24 February 2018

undelivered letters bj J Alchem

Aron and Sara are shifting houses. While cleaning the attic Sara sees an abandoned bag. She realizes it is Aron's bag when he was a postman. In it are nine letters that he should have delivered 20 years back.Thus Aron goes on a quest to look for the people for whom the letters were meant for.

The story of three of these people is given.It is believed that Cathy's husband disappeared on one of his camping trips.
 Cathy used to always wait for that knock on the door. Could the letter that Aron forgot be from her husband ? This is the first story.

Samuel is accused of murdering his wife.Having got a life imprisonment he has nothing to look forward to.Aron visits him in prison and realises what blunder he has committed by not delivering the letter to Samuel.This is the second story . 

A boy is found stealing books and throwing them in a well.The boy's father had committed suicide.Aron finds out that the boy's father had been rejected by the publisher's when he wanted to publish a book. This is the third story.

These stories are emotionally and touching.This book had been Nominated for "The Best eBook of the Year" by SMania and also Nominated for "The Best Concept of the year" by LitOscar .

mind set

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in order to achieve success in life positive thinking is a must. Positive thinking helps create productive actions This book teaches step by step how to bring about positive change in yourself. Also due to positive thinking your hidden talents come forward. for example you might think you cannot become a doctor. But due to positive thinking you can become/me a doctor.

One can start by breathing exerices. These breathing exercises helps you think straight  and remove negivative thoughts. One should learn to find good even in a bad situation. Neuro Linguistic tecqutive is discussed.

In case a given situation is not good find  a middle way. Try to enhance your thinking pattern. Also try appreticate yourself.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

The fall of the white city by N S wikarski

 Elsa Bauer is found murdered in a hotel .Her brother Franz is arrested thinking to be the murderer.But Evangeline Leclair belives otherwise. Evangeline is a heiress who teaches English to factory workers. Elsa was one of her students.Thus Elsa is interested in finding the killer. Elsa calls her friend Freedie to help her find the real killer.

It is said that chicago of 1890s was a city of robbers and political unrest .It is also a place of german socialists newspaper .Franz works for one such orgnisation and hence is called an anarchist'.Both Evan and Freedie investigate and conclude the suspects as Jacob Sidley an accountant and Evangeline Leclair.

Meanwhile there is a columbian Exposition world fair .It seems that Elsa met a gentlman at the fair. Could he be her killer ? There is also a handkerchief believed to be the killer.Both freedie and Evangeline go as far as the Levee district.

Her amateur detecting draws the attention of someone who would kill to keep his identity a secret. Soon she is racing against time to unmask a murderer before she becomes his next victim! 

 N S tries not to be a literary stylist. He think a writer who’s trying to be clever will throw in bits of stylistic fluff so that a reader will admire the verbiage of the book. That can become distracting.want the reader to focus on my characters and their stories, not on how well I can describe a sunset. If I have a style at all, it would be “cut and dried.”

This book will make a good read . 

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Timber by Frankie Love

 The story is set in the mountains. The book is about core values of  a religion. Harper a devoted Christian has had her engagement broken off by her fiancee.In order to forget that she goes to her uncle's cabin. During a storm she ends up at jaxons' door step.

Jax has been called untamed. Harper is attracted to Jax. Since she has her engagement broken off she decides to loose her virginity with jax. Later due to her Christian values she is not sure whether she should have done that . To make matters worst she is pregnant.

She fears what her parents will think since they value their Christian values.jax is not sure whether he wants a family when he finds out that Harper is pregnant. There is conflict of interest since Harper excepts Jax to marry her,It is interesting to read how they sort their differences.

A word of advice .This novel might have language that you might not like to read.The sex between them is gross and readers might not like it.