Monday, 15 January 2018

The Resuce by Nicholas sparks

The story is set in Edenton. It is a small town in North Carolina.The Prologue of the book opens with a violet storm .Demise and her son kyle are out in this storm .Demise tries to drive the car but the car slides and she becomes unconscious. When she wakes up she finds Kyle missing.Along comes Taylor and takes Demies to hospital.

On becoming conscious she finds Kyle missing and panics. Kyle has a disability by which he cannot understand language and has problems in speaking. Taylor and many people from town try to find Kyle. During the rescue operation both Taylor and Demise come closer.

Taylor has rescued woman before. But he leaves them when the crisis is over. Taylor and kyle develop a strong bond.Demise is happy about this. Taylor like always tries to go away. Demise is confused. Taylor's mother tries to reason with him and says he should not do to Demise what he has done with other woman.

Taylor has a hidden past. He blames himself for something. Demise does not know this .Taylor will have to confort this past if he wants to continue with Demise and making his relation with Demise worthwhile.

Nicholas Sparks has been called"a modern master of fateful love stories.In this book he tries to handle relationship between people in a simplistic way

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