Friday, 26 January 2018

One Indian girl by Chetan Bhagat

This book is about 3 guys and a girl. Radhika the main character is about to be married in three weeks time. It is typical Indian wedding with the Bride side trying to please the bridgegroom side. Everyone is happy and busy with the wedding preparation.What Radhika does not know that her past is about to catch up with her.

Flashback to few years back.Radhika is working in New York .She meets Debu.Both  fall in love. Radhika belives in women being independent.When Radhika gets promoted Debu does not seem to notice that.Due to difference of opinion they break up.

Radhika gets transferred to Honkkong . She meets Neel and falls in love for the second time.They like being with each other. But Neel is married and has children.Also Neel tells Radhika that she might not make a good mother.They break up.

Both Debu and Neel come to the wedding and tell her they are sorry. Further, they tell her  that they want to marry her. Radhika now has to choose betwwn Debu'Neel and husband to be.She does not know what to do.

This book is like any other Chetan Bhagat book.Simple but like Bollywood masala movie. Still, it makes a good read.

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