Friday, 26 January 2018

One Indian girl by Chetan Bhagat

This book is about 3 guys and a girl. Radhika the main character is about to be married in three weeks time. It is typical Indian wedding with the Bride side trying to please the bridgegroom side. Everyone is happy and busy with the wedding preparation.What Radhika does not know that her past is about to catch up with her.

Flashback to few years back.Radhika is working in New York .She meets Debu.Both  fall in love. Radhika belives in women being independent.When Radhika gets promoted Debu does not seem to notice that.Due to difference of opinion they break up.

Radhika gets transferred to Honkkong . She meets Neel and falls in love for the second time.They like being with each other. But Neel is married and has children.Also Neel tells Radhika that she might not make a good mother.They break up.

Both Debu and Neel come to the wedding and tell her they are sorry. Further, they tell her  that they want to marry her. Radhika now has to choose betwwn Debu'Neel and husband to be.She does not know what to do.

This book is like any other Chetan Bhagat book.Simple but like Bollywood masala movie. Still, it makes a good read.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

how to mind map by Tony Buzan

In daily life we have to plan things like doing daily shopping or to call the plumber, We tend not to remember things if we make notes. Hence the concept of mind maps.Tony Buzan is the inventor of mind map.

Due to mind maps things are organized and in perfect order.In this book it is shown how to make mind maps.Mind maps are thinking and planning tools. It uses colours and images. Thus making things easier to remember.All you need is blank unlines paper colores pens and pencils and your  brain.

There are different types of mind maps like planning family events or shopping maps mind maps. This book says there are seven steps in making a mind map.The book takes you step by step on how to make a mind map. The levels are simple  to understand .

Further there are three levels to mind making. All this might seem compilated at first but once you have mastered it these mind maps are useful.

The above is an example of a mind map.This book will help anyone who wants to make their life organised  

Monday, 15 January 2018

The Resuce by Nicholas sparks

The story is set in Edenton. It is a small town in North Carolina.The Prologue of the book opens with a violet storm .Demise and her son kyle are out in this storm .Demise tries to drive the car but the car slides and she becomes unconscious. When she wakes up she finds Kyle missing.Along comes Taylor and takes Demies to hospital.

On becoming conscious she finds Kyle missing and panics. Kyle has a disability by which he cannot understand language and has problems in speaking. Taylor and many people from town try to find Kyle. During the rescue operation both Taylor and Demise come closer.

Taylor has rescued woman before. But he leaves them when the crisis is over. Taylor and kyle develop a strong bond.Demise is happy about this. Taylor like always tries to go away. Demise is confused. Taylor's mother tries to reason with him and says he should not do to Demise what he has done with other woman.

Taylor has a hidden past. He blames himself for something. Demise does not know this .Taylor will have to confort this past if he wants to continue with Demise and making his relation with Demise worthwhile.

Nicholas Sparks has been called"a modern master of fateful love stories.In this book he tries to handle relationship between people in a simplistic way