Saturday, 26 August 2017

Life is what you make it by Preeti Shenoy

This book was an eye - opener for me about life. Life is a cerebration is what preeti says in the book.  Ankita sharma is a typical intelligent girl With all things going well for her she gets into an MBA college. But little does she know that her life is going to turn upside down.

Ankita has lesser known Bipolar disorder.This disorder has the patient in various mood swings.Her parents are disturbed by her behaviour.She is in love but is confused.She also tries to take her life.

Due to all this Ankita is admitted to a mental hospital. Here she learns about life from a different angle . She used to love drawing and starts to do that. Her career and love are taken away from her,She has to regain confidence.

At the hospital she meets other patients and learns from them about life.

You will enjoy reading this book for many reasons. The story is about how determination against all odds will bring success.Also, this book will remind you of your college days like when Ankita tries to call her boyfriend

The book has big  font making it easier to read . A must read for anyone who is going against all odds in life


Monday, 21 August 2017

black out by Mark Elsberg

In this international best seller there is black out the world over It is due to a hackerwho gets into power supply via codes.The bookmis about world without power. There is  large cast of characters:An italian Piero Manzano, programmer and ex hacker is in the miiddle of the story.He understands the ssituation but the police thinks he is the person behind all this.

There is a French government official at Europol,Lauren Shannon an energetic American,Sophia,operative at the EU headquaters.There are are more than 10 viewpoint characters we follow.Thus one has to get into the point view of people. Once you are able to do tha you wont be able to keep the book until you have finished reading it.

Manzano also proves resorceful to discover key information about the enemy hackers threatening the infrastructure of society as well as escaping capture.

The plot of Blackout is well crafted out.The author has taken lot of pain in doing research for the story. Intensive research has been done on government process, infrastructure, technology used in power systems, energy grids, hacking techniques. 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Every time it rains by Nikita Singh

This book is about love. But as the book shows there is both pain and joy in love. Laila has her own bakery and is immersed in it.She is trying to recover from her painful past. Just when things  are looking up she mets JD. Her past comes back to haunt her.

She likes JD but she cannot forget her past.She has a secret about her marriage due to which she is disturbed.Laila also does not know if she can trust JD.

JD is her opposite. HE is free - spirited while she is calm. Laila has a friend Maahi.This stroy is about anyone whose has been broken and wants to love again.